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  1. I totally agree with this. We need to find pleasure in things for ourselves. We shouldn’t have to depend on others for it.

    When others aren’t around what are we to do if we don’t learn to find pleasure ourselves? Waiting on others makes us dependent on others and I’ve seen too many people get hurt from doing this.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I totally agree with your sentiments. We must always rely on ourselves first. That is so important to our health and well being.

      As you rightly say, it’s easy to get hurt when we rely on others.

  2. I guess this sums up Madonna’s philosophy nicely. I get the impression she never was one to ask permission.

    While I agree it’s important to please ourselves it can be nice to please others too, sometimes.

    1. Thanks Maria and welcome to the site.

      I think you’re absolutely right some of us will worry what other people think of our actions, but I do agree with you that we need to worry less and live our lives regardless.

  3. I agree with Maria. We do have a tendency to worry about what other people will think and I’m guilty of that.

    Add that to the list of things to sort out!

    1. It’s certainly not unusual to have a list! The idea is that we cut down on that list, so we avoid the worry too.

      That’s probably one of the biggest problems we give ourselves… worry!

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