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  1. Now that you mention it, I’m pretty sure this is what I have been trying to do with my roommate for a very long time since everyone thinks that she is just so amazing.

    In reality she is Bipolar and has some very serious control issues that she doesn’t see as a problem. She doesn’t seem to grasp the concept that you don’t try to help people who don’t ask for your help, even though they may blatantly need it.

    She so often wonders why they don’t appreciate her efforts or worship the ground she walks on, which to me is so glaringly obvious.

    Don’t get me wrong, deep down she is a very good person, but her efforts are so often ill-guided and misplaced. She has been try to fix me for pretty much our whole relationship, but that isn’t what I need.

    It has pretty much run it’s course, but she still doesn’t want to let me go easily.

    1. Thanks Randy. People don’t always have to have Bipolar to have the symptoms you talk about in your response. It’s good that you see the full picture that you have a normal thinking and that you can give credit where it’s due.

      It’s important not to sacrifice our own peace, no matter the circumstances. We must be comfortable with our choices and with the people we have in our lives.

  2. I agree, our peace is a valuable and often hard earned commodity and it’s not to be given up lightly.

    I leave it to others to show their true self they don’t need me to point it out.

    1. Thank you. We must ask ourselves if we really have peace. I’m not sure we do, but it’s something we must continue to strive for.

      A bad word, a misunderstanding, selfish motives all create ripples in our lives that if not nipped in the bud, can create untold stress, with no peace.

      Yes, unless those without a conscience stop to think about their true colours, it’s not always worth pointing it out to them. It depends on the person.

      I believe Karma will take care of it.

  3. We instinctively see behind people’s eyes, before they reveal themselves. Just dead folks crying for attention, at the end of the day.

    I certainly will not sacrifice my peace of mind for that, although I have before.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, when it comes to family we tell ourselves that family are the most important.

      But we must still measure family against our own values and integrity and if they don’t match up to those then I believe we must take a judgment call on whether we choose to have them in our lives.

      I think it wise that you ‘will not sacrifice your peace of mind.’ Through my experience, it’s been a massive battle of mine for many years.

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