4 thoughts on “A quote by Marcel Proust

  1. Another profound quote, Ilana! I think most of us would love to see a new reality, something perhaps closer to our deams.

    To have my mind and my eyes simultaneously work for a better visual sense would be quite liberating.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, I would love to see new realities in the world, where governments put people first rather than their careers or themselves.

      Like you, I would also love to have my mind and eyes simultaneously work for a better visual sense. We need to see new realities, realities that work for us all, that make us less stressed.

      I would love to go to sleep at night and wake up to a world that’s fit for purpose, to see and to know that we have each other’s back.

      Now that would be liberating. That would be my dream.

  2. I love it that the author has come to realize that destinations don’t always have to be a place. The joy of life should always be all the ways possible for us to achieve our dreams.

    Living in the moment and enjoying the ride to your destination should always be your goal.

    1. Thanks Maria. I do too. Being able to see your life positively, no matter what you’re looking at is a gift many of us dream about, but not a lot of us achieve.

      Sadly in our busy lives and a materialistic world, we have lost sight of life. That said, perhaps it’s not that we’ve lost sight, we’ve never had it.

      What the author sees is based on universal values. I have that also.

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