4 thoughts on “A quote by Orson Welles

  1. This quote made me laugh. A timely reminder for us to watch our portion sizes, especially as this is one of my new years resolutions and so far so good.

    1. Thank you. Yes, a New Year’ resolution that will keep us more toned, fit and healthy, particularly as we age. Keep up the good work.

      It’s a mixture of emotional strength, staying power, a determination and a will to succeed. Sadly, given the problems with obesity in the UK, this is something we should all be thinking about.

  2. Believe me, I know from what he speaks. I have started plating my food on a smaller snack plate.

    I’m done over eating and started on my limited calories new eating plan. It’s long overdue, no more eating my feelings. I’m on my way to a new Maria. Weights wise, financially and spiritually.

    Thanks for the post. It’s helped remind me of my New Year’s refreshing life.

    1. Thanks Marie. Yes, a New Year is a good starting point. Good on you. I think you’re right though. Our feelings are very much the reason why we eat more than we need.

      I love the end of your second paragraph, ‘weight wise, financially and spiritually.’ I believe the more spiritually focused we are, the more we will pay attention to things like our weight and finances.

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