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  1. Yes, but only if we become more tranquil inside, only then will we change our outer reality.

    For me, it’s about managing my reality from within, which is very difficult but very possible to do.

    1. Thanks Tim. Through my neuro issues I too can deal with anxiety.

      As you say, ‘but only if we become more tranquil inside.’ Not always easy to do in this fast-paced world we live in. There is so much stress around us.

      It’s hard to always feel calm and at peace. It is all about managing our realities from within.

  2. How we think about ourselves shapes our lives. Our growth starts with our own self-awareness and this manifests in our relationships.

    Unfortunately, we can’t all say that we take the time to properly look at ourselves.

    1. Thank you. Yes, you’re absolutely right. Growth does start with our own self-awareness and that very much needs to happen if our relationships are going to thrive.

      I would say, we don’t take the time to look at ourselves properly. I came across an issue in the last few days that highlighted this particular issue.

      In other words, the less we take a look at ourselves and take responsibility for our words and actions, the more we will make our issues about someone else and we’ll read the situation badly.

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