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“Don’t ever perceive other people’s success as your own failure.”


14 Jun, 2014

8 thoughts on “A quote by Rob Liano

  1. We shouldn’t compare ourselves with others. Others will succeed in areas that we don’t succeed in and we succeed in areas where they won’t succeed in. We all have our own talents.

    We should pursue our own and not worry about what others can do that we can’t.

  2. I have spent a lot of years being envious of those who seem to have such an easy time in life with everything practically being handed to them. They’re usually the ones who appreciate it the least, which aggravates me to no end!

    Life definitely isn’t fair at times which has caused me to question my faith since I was a very small child. It just seems at times like the worst things happen to the best people like my daughter ending up with CP.

    I would have gladly traded places with her, since I’m used to getting the shaft from life, but finding that out crushed me in ways you can’t imagine.

    I’ve been trying very hard not to do so much comparing but it’s so much easier said than done!

    1. Thanks Randy. From someone who has CP I can understand where you’re coming from, but as you say there’s no point in drawing comparisons. Comparisons will only serve to make us feel worse about what we deal with and may even stop us from becoming successful.

      I agree that life isn’t or doesn’t seem fair and having been dealt the same cards as your daughter, I’ve had to work through my own thoughts over the years on what I’ve had to deal with. I also believe things happen for a reason and that it’s not always helpful to draw comparisons.

      I understand why you would say life isn’t fair sometimes. I am sure that’s something I will have also considered, but when I look back on those days and look at what I’m doing now with The CP Diary, things have worked out for the best for me.

      Sometimes we just have to seize the opportunities and try to understand why things happen the way they do.

  3. No matter what circumstances we find ourselves in, we can’t compare or measure our success to someone else’s. Our achievements are rewarding, unique and personal. We foster our own model of excellence and we’re often envied by the very people we compare our success with.

    My success is inclusive and specifically tailored to fit any condition I find myself in.

    1. Thanks Tim. I’m not really sure we ever can compare or measure success to someone else. How do we measure success and what is success? Success is different to different people.

      I agree with you that any achievement is personal to us.

  4. I am usually happy for people when they achieve a goal. Somehow it was ingrained in me that you shouldn’t compare yourself with other people, although, sometimes it’s hard not to compare yourself.

    I just try to put myself in their shoes and see how it would feel when someone is jealous of you. It’s not a very good feeling, so I try not to do that to other people.

    I know I am weird like that. Many people don’t do that but it is really what we should do, to keep feeling positive.

    1. Thanks Maria. I think you’re right. If we were to put ourselves in other people’s shoes, we would know exactly how it feels. I think your mum was right to bring you up telling you not to compare yourself with others.

      We will all achieve differently. What you will succeed at, someone else may not and just because someone succeeds, it doesn’t mean the other person hasn’t. Success comes from our ability to try even if we don’t fully achieve.

      I believe it’s wrong to draw comparisons or see someone else’s success as our failure.

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