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  1. They do seem to end up looking like they’re chasing their tails, but they won’t stop long enough to ask for help from anyone.

    I’ve spent most of my life doing that myself, when the right direction was the one I wanted to go in. My fears, doubts and insecurities have kept me paralysed for so long that I don’t really know any difference.

    I’ve had to accept that I’ve had the same type of relationships, just with different women, which never seemed to end very well. My friend has pointed out that considering the way I grew up, it’s not surprising that I have followed the pattern of living with what I grew up with.

    Now I just need to break the pattern, so I can finally live my life they way I want to live it!

    1. Thanks Randy, or they don’t stop at all. I think the majority of us run away from what’s staring us in the face. The irony is that what we need to face eventually catches up with us, so I’m not sure why we run.

      The longer we run, the longer we will run, the longer it takes us to sort out the original problem. It sounds from you response Randy that you’ve stagnated because you felt paralysed, which is completely different from running away.

      I think your friend is right. We repeat what we’ve seen until we learn to stop repeating those habits, particularly if they’re bad habits.

  2. We don’t like feeling lost, so of course we are going to frantically try to find a way out, but in some cases we end up more lost.

    Maybe we need to not be too hard on ourselves and accept that it’s only human to feel lost occasionally.

    1. Thanks Maria. I think you’re right and agree with your last sentence, but I suppose it depends why we’re running and what we’re running from. The irony is that we become more lost, when we continue to run.

      If we’re running because we’ve done something wrong and we’re afraid we’re going to get caught that isn’t the same thing as not having the confidence to face something that we know we have to face and feeling lost as a consequence.

      There are so many circumstances where it’s easy to feel lost.

  3. This quote is interesting and painfully true. It reminds me of a runaway train to where only the conductor can stop it.

    1. Thanks Tim. The irony is that we are already the Conductor of our lives, but not many of us see our lives that way.

      Some of our life is dutifully mapped out for us before we even a twinkle in our parents’ eyes, but we do have the opportunity to change certain things, once we’re here.

  4. The ideal would be to stop yourself when you are in trouble. Learn from ones mistake and correct the problem. Some of us keep making the same mistake over and over.

    We keep running into deeper trouble because we don’t ask for help or have anyone that cares enough to call us out and give us some sage advice.

    Lucky thing I do have someone who does this for me and I’m extremely grateful.

    1. Thanks Maria. I suppose when we’re in the thick of it, it’s not always easy to think like that, but obviously it depends on what we’re doing.

      That said I completely agree with you. I believe we must learn from our mistakes so that we correct that particular mistake, so that we don’t go on to make the same mistake twice.

      It’s important we learn, because learning gives us a better understanding of our life, of other people and makes us want to be better people.

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