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  1. That’s about right! Ultimately we need look no further than ourselves, as we have the ability to change what needs changing.

    1. Thanks yes of course. In the beginning as children we rely on our parents and families to help guide and support us, but as the adult we’re totally responsible for ourselves regardless of what’s past.

      I agree, we do have the ability to change what needs changing. We must, no one can do it for us.

  2. I like this quote, but it really should say “they wouldn’t sit for a month”. It would be so cool if we could do that. But, really what does it accomplish!

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes it would be lovely if those who were really responsible for how our lives turned out were responsible enough to admit they were!

      Unfortunately and in my experience that rarely happens, but it doesn’t stop this quote speaking its truth.

  3. I’m not convinced that I am responsible for most of my troubles, but I take full responsibility for how I react to trouble that finds me.

    Sometimes we just walk into trouble; it could be a matter of just knowing when to run.

    1. Thanks Tim. Ditto on your thoughts and I agree. In our formative years we rely on our parents to guide and support us.

      We’re not responsible for ourselves then but agree we are responsible for trouble that finds us, particularly when we become an adult.

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