6 thoughts on “A quote by Rumi

  1. I think this is saying that we learn as we grow. When we’re young we want to change the world, but as we get older we learn it’s not about changing the world it’s about changing ourselves.

    We can’t change the world but we can change ourselves.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I think you’re right, although there are those who think they can change the world and find they can’t! I suppose when we’re young we think we can do anything.

      When we become older and more wise, we know if we’re to change anything it’s us and not the world.

  2. I was clever yesterday too. I made several attempts to change the world and the world began to change me.

    I soon realised that it’s not about changing the world; it’s about adjusting to the world and cleverly staying out of its way.

  3. Good saying. When we’re young and naive we think we can change the world, but experience soon shows us that it’s impossible; but what we can do is to change how we perceive the world and that is a much more fruitful pursuit.

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