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  1. Indeed. I made a positive decision many years ago to lower my expectations of people, to avoid disappointment.

    I shouldn’t have had to do that, but I see it more as a sad reflection of other people’s behaviour, than of me.

    1. Thanks and you’re right. Most of us do get things right. We care, we think about other people, we want to make a difference.

      The irony is that today’s quote is by Shakespeare. ‘The human condition is inevitably flawed’. We all want what we want for ourselves, we come first, but that’s not why we’re here.

      If more of us understood what life really meant, if we understood the bigger picture and looked at life through beliefs like spirituality, we would all come together and begin to support each other more.

      Expectations are fine, but when they become the focal point, disappointment will always follow. Like we are who we are, we have to allow others to be who they are, without placing expectations.

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