6 thoughts on “A quote by Steve Maraboli

  1. I love this one! Tonight I saw a quote taped on a window that read, “what you think of me, is not who I am. What you think of me is who you are,” at my daughters school. Very powerful.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. I absolutely love your quote. So very true but not everyone will equate that to themselves; but that is exactly how it goes.

      Thanks for adding that. I feel it needs to be said, particularly for those of us on the receiving end of a person’s behaviour. That’s inexcusable.

    1. I’m not sure I agree. I think it’s important that what we think of ourselves is what others think of us also. If we think we’re nice and others don’t see that because they’re on the receiving end of our behaviour, well then that’s not great. They go hand in hand.

      I have seen first hand how things go when someone is no longer with us. It’s massively important what other people think of us. Even if we don’t officially leave a legacy, our characters become that legacy.

      It’s important we get it right.

  2. Another morning and an inch closer to making things make sense, especially after reading the comments on this site.

    Every blog you write is like a lecture on the meaning of every breeze. You can smile through a hurricane if you read this site long enough.

    Thank you Bonnie, your quote is very profound!

  3. Thanks Tim. That’s so sweet of you.

    Yes, isn’t it just… Bonnie’s quote is very profound. It’s wonderful to be able to read each other’s comments and take something from that comment away with us; information that we can identify with, understand and use.

    This is why (and I’m not bragging here) the diary works. We learn a lot by what we read and incorporate that into our daily lives.

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