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  1. I agree with this quote. Things change so much and so fast. Things are very different than they were 20 years ago.

    It would be nice if we could raise our children like we were in a different time, but due to technology and other things it’s totally different and the laws now that govern us are different.

    It was easier back then, but I guess our parents said the same thing when they had us to raise. Of course it’s different for everybody.

    Some say, ‘I wouldn’t raise my children like I was raised,’ and I can understand that.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I think you are right, times do change, what worked for one generation doesn’t work for another and yes technology is something we should learn and embrace to a certain degree.

      I do think, however, there are certain values that shouldn’t change and that’s where I partly agree with this quote. The values that make us who we are, should never change. The values that encompass love and respect should never change, the old fashioned or old school values.

      Unfortunately with time values have changed. Children’s opinions of life and their families I feel have changed too that part I find sad.

  2. Ilana you have responded about a subject that I too find sad. The fact that children are not being raised to learn that they should respect certain things troubles me.

    For instance they don’t seem to respect their elders a lot. I remember as a child my mom showing us how to respect certain things and they just aren’t doing that nowadays.They are learning to fix things with their fists as opposed to talking things out and finding a peaceful solution to problems. Bullying seems to be worse today as a result in some schools.

    I just think of the things since 1964 that have changed since I was born. The use of the personal computer, ATM’s
    and the biggest thing is cell phones. A lot of kids today have cell phones at an early age. Parents want to keep tabs on their kids and give them the opportunity to call them when the kid needs them.

    The advances in medicine has been astounding, for instance my illness and diagnosis in the 60’s would have been a death sentence. Now they we have oral chemo that was not even available in the 60’s and life saving techniques that weren’t even thought of then.

    Another thing that is happening nowadays is multigeneration homes where the grandparents are moving in with their kids and helping raise their grandchildren. I think this is a wonderful thing because they can impart their wisdom of life on a child and the child would be armed with good advice that they learned from their grandparents as well as parents.

    I love this quote!

    1. Thanks Maria. The world has clearly moved on as far as technology is concerned, as you have eloquently pointed out. When it comes to multigeneration families, I’m not sure how many grandparents actually live with their families, but there are many grandparents who look after their grandchildren when their parents are at work.

      Technology has also advanced ten fold since the 1960’s in a good way, but I do feel we should be using all of this technology within moderation. The cell phone, which at one time would be used in emergencies is now used as a social tool 24/7. Land lines aren’t a consideration as far as teenagers are concerned and with all the new apps on cell phones, they have all they need at their fingertips. Lap tops are also another bone of contention. Teenagers have come to rely on them. They take them everywhere.

      The great thing about advanced technology is that we’re able to make more informed choices now, particularly when it comes to our health and that I would always welcome, but as far as technology is concerned, I still think moderation is the key. We have to get the balance right.

  3. I completely agree with this quote.

    Time is not a constant and neither must be a parent’s approach to every aspect of their children’s lives, none more so than in respect of a child learning and growth.

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