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  1. I completely agree. Given that everything we do and say has consequences, it make sense that we are aware of those consequences before we open our mouths and act.

    1. Thanks, yes I couldn’t agree more. Not only would we become more aware of the bigger picture, but we’d understand our lives a lot more, which means we would also make better choices.

  2. Yes, it was something called mindfulness that we studied in my DBT class which was very helpful.

    There are days when I have such a hard time staying in the moment. I so often get sidetracked by so many other things running through my mind that I have a hard time focusing on what it is I’m doing right at that moment!

    It seems to take a lot of practice to get used to it, but it has been helping tremendously.

    1. Thanks Randy, when we have a lot on our mind that can happen too, but I can resonate with you. Having brain damage doesn’t help, but I have learned how to get round that by using my intuition.

      Sometimes we just have to find a way round the things we find the most difficult.

  3. I agree. Sometimes we have to kill the illusions so we can clearly see what’s happening in our world. But I’m not sure if anyone is totally aware of anything.

    1. I think we’re more than capable of knowing what’s happening in the world, but to do that we must take the ego out of the equation. Anything that changes our perception of how we see the world.

      I believe we can certainly do better on that score.

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