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“Let no one hold you hostage with who you used to be before you grew into the person you are today. Don’t be a voluntary prisoner of someone else’s insecurity.”


23 Nov, 2015

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  1. True. I have felt like a hostage for most of my life, trapped by the fears, doubts and insecurities of the person I used to be! My fear of the past coming back to haunt me has truly kept me from becoming the person I always wanted to be.

    The most I can expect now is to become at least a decent human being. I can’t change the past, as much as I would wish to do so. I allowed people to treat me as the person I used to be, which in turn kept me a prisoner of my old self. There are many people who can somehow sense this and will take full advantage of it, to use you as they see fit.

    They’re like predators who can smell fear and use that to track you down for their next meal! Many of them are what’s considered to be ‘psychic vampires,’ who feed off the misery of others if you let them. Once you stop buying into the games they play, they will starve and move on to the next victim.

    I have dealt with so many of them and since I was raised to accept this kind of treatment, there were many times where I felt like I deserved it. The hardest part is accepting that I am worthy and don’t have to tolerate being treated like someone’s food source!

    I actually realized that watching a show called ‘The Royals,’ where they take full advantage of their elevated status to benefit themselves. I was forced as a child to feel like I was a peasant or a commoner, so it’s no wonder I have been so depressed.

    Why would someone even bother trying when they feel like their efforts won’t ever matter? Chances are that somewhere in my past I could be related to royalty, which matters very little in the real world.

    I have to focus on letting go of the past and how I felt about myself so that I can finally move on and not feel like a hostage in my own life!

    1. Thanks Randy. I can certainly resonate with you, but I’m not sure any child is equipped to change their lives or would know how to do that. We’re not emotionally mature enough.

      Please don’t be too hard on yourself. Is it really about allowed? Perhaps it’s probably more of a case of not having a choice. Children don’t always have choices. Parents make their choices for them mostly, unless you’re lucky enough to have parents who guide you in the art of making your own choices. I know I wasn’t.

      As you rightly say Randy, perhaps it’s time to focus on letting go of the past; to move on so that you don’t feel like a hostage in your life. People will always inflict their insecurities on us. Insecurities will always play out if they’re there.

      Being a prisoner to other people’s insecurities will always add to our own. I believe though, there comes a time when we just have to let go.

  2. It has taken me some time and effort to fade the insecurities brought on by the way I was raised. Growing up, I was always told what I could or could not do because of my disability.

    It has taken me some time to get rid of those insecurities and discover what I am capable of.

    1. Thanks Maria. I’m so pleased you’ve managed to fade some of the insecurities you had as a child. I completely understand what you’ve been through.

      There seems to be a lot of ignorance around disability in families and a stigma brought about through society’s inability to accept people with difficulties. I’m not sure how much is down to other people’s insecurity, but we will go on to be insecure.

      It’s not right of course, but once it’s happened there isn’t much we can do. All we can do is change things for ourselves, which you have done. I am so pleased you have.

  3. I think it is very unfortunate when someone in your life treats you like your old self. For instance when someone who used to be mean years ago. People in life don’t forgive because of how they treated them long ago. Now you’ve become a responsible person, you are no longer untrustworthy.

    If that person was forgiven for what they did in the past there’s no problem. But if they’re not forgiven, someone will distrust them and can’t really be as close. Like they say, sometimes it’s better to forgive and forget, move on and lead a happier life.

    1. Thanks Maria. There are certain people who constantly do this and we have them amongst us.

      I’ve encountered similar problems myself. It’s also easy for others to club us into someone or something that we would rather not be associated with because of their behaviour, but they still insist on treating us the same way.

      The sad reality is once that happens it’s difficult to get them to see that we’re completely different.

  4. We’re held hostage enough in this life for all sorts of reasons, but to be a voluntary hostage really isn’t appropriate if we have the power to do something about it.

    We owe it to ourselves and it will greatly help us emotionally to get rid of that baggage if we can.

    1. Thank you. We absolutely do, yes I couldn’t agree more. I believe we all have the power, but that we don’t believe we have.

      It is only when we come to see that we have that we will work at changing our circumstances to get rid of the baggage. The rest of the time we will remain hostage to other people’s lives.

    1. Thanks Treka and welcome to my site!! Thank you for allowing me to use your quote.

      Your quote is not only inspirational, but points out the pitfalls of life when we can’t see it for ourselves and that allows us to make changes where we feel we need to.

      Thanks for your invitation for us to check out your book. I will do that. It’ll be lovely to have more of your inspirational quotes on the site.

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