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  1. I like this quote and I would go even further by saying a great many people think they are thinking when they are not.

    As far as prejudices are concerned, current events in the world confirm there is no thinking behind some prejudices, unconscious reckoning in the name of their chosen faith.

    1. I believe this quote is so true, because everything we think or feel is done from a place of unconscious reckoning. If we change our unconscious thoughts, our conscious thoughts will change.

      Although we’re not consciously aware, our thoughts are governed by our experiences and those experiences are stored in our unconscious thoughts. Our thoughts will always come from a different place until we learn to change what’s underneath.

      We don’t think prejudices, we live them.

  2. Unfortunately this is somewhat true. There are many people with prejudices towards others. Some have learned them by what they learned from parents and friends.

    Fortunately, there are people who grow up that way and learn on their own that they aren’t fair.

    For those that are, they do live a life where they’re juggling them around, when they should be dropping them. Hopefully in their lifetime they will change their minds and learn to live harmoniously with all people.

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes it would be lovely to think that those people who are prejudiced will realise that’s what they are and will work to change some of their prejudices.

      Speaking from my own experience and having seen first hand prejudices by others, I’m not sure that really happens. We can change if we choose to change, but we first have to recognise that we need to change.

      Secondly, our thoughts generally don’t lie with how we are, but how other people are and whilst we have that attitude… nothing will change.

      I would love to see in my lifetime people’s attitude change from prejudice, to one of living harmoniously with others, as you have so eloquently pointed out in your response here.

  3. Our society needs to examine our problem with humanness and critically analyze the distortions that were historically created around our differences. Perhaps we need to stop protecting and trivializing the very ignorance that brings us prejudice in the first place.

    We need to think about love and removing our footprint from another person’s face.

    1. I love your response Tim. Without bringing the people we know to account for their prejudice behaviour, we will never move away from prejudiced behaviour.

      It’s not great being on the other side of another person’s prejudice so I choose not to use it myself, but couldn’t agree more. Thanks.

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