2 thoughts on “A Ray A Davis quote

  1. Two things are disempowering us right now, the Covid-19 crisis and the assault on truth. I hope we never forget the path we took that got us here.

    But I’m not sobbing over our plight, because I have confidence in the human spirit, although we may have to hit rock bottom first.

    I appreciate this quote, hope I didn’t stray too far from it.

    1. You didn’t stray. Whatever you believe about how we got to the Covid crisis, governments need to be more together on how they’re choosing to react and deal with the virus. People are also part of Covid. Our reactions to the virus must change.

      Also, I’m not sure how much of this is about fear, yes we are fearful of the virus, but until we learn to be selfless we will be and will continue to be disempowered. This quote is absolutely spot on.

      Love each other, and we will put love out there. It’ll save the natural world and the human species.

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