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  1. I agree with this. The way we live shows how we are on the inside. If we live happily, have a happy family life, people will assume we are happy on the inside.

    If we have an unhappy life, look sad all the time more than likely we are sad on the inside.

    1. I agree with it too Lisa. As you rightly say people will assume that if we’re happy on the outside, we’ll be happy on the inside too, but unfortunately what we feel inside will always tell another story, if there’s another story to be told. We’re very good at hiding how we feel.

      Generally speaking though, it’s very true. Our outside world reflects our inside and our inside will reflect our outside. I totally believe it.

  2. The outer world may be a reflection of our inner selves to a minimal degree.

    The inner self is a complicated system of emotion and impulses that wears many disguises. Often times the outer world depicts an unrealistic snapshot of what is truly inside.

    1. You’re absolutely right Tim, as human beings we wear many disguises.

      It’s often very difficult to know what goes on in someone’s life unless we know that person and their life. Not everyone is able to hide how they feel.

      Outwardly although some people may see a reflection of how they feel, they often have little understanding as to why. All they will know is that they’re just not happy.

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