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  1. Usually when I look at things with my eyes, I always have the feeling of only seeing how far it is I have to go!

    My senses have been warped by my childhood experiences to help me survive, but not much to really live. I have only existed for most of my life which hasn’t been much of a life at all.

    I have to learn how to really live my life, rather than just existing.

    1. Thanks Randy. What you describe Randy are my experiences too. Eyes will show limitation whilst we live with negative experiences.

      Once we come to understand our experiences we will begin to look with a new understanding. I believe new understandings will always bring about positive change.

  2. Our eyes simply mirror the extent of our ignorance or intelligence. It’s tools like the CP Dairy that help us condition our minds so our eyes will see with understanding.

    1. Awww thanks for the compliment Tim. The sad reality is that our eyes absolutely mirror our ignorance or intelligence.

      The more we come to understand, the more we will learn, the more our eyes will see.

  3. This quote makes me think about how most people react to people with disabilities. They see first and foremost the person’s limitations.

    Then they start coming up with assumptions about the person then miss out on getting to know him or her. If they look at a person with a disability with understanding, they get to know the person as more than a disability.

    1. Thanks Maria. I couldn’t agree more. Your response describes the way people should see other people with or without a disability, but it seems it’s more prevalent around people with disabilities.

      In my own experience it’s either down to ignorance, not caring enough or literally having a problem being around people with a disability. Not everyone can cope with the experience of dealing with a disability.

  4. For me, Tim says it all. What we ‘see’ depends on how we process it and your site develops our self, to help us process with greater understanding and knowledge.

  5. I like this quote because it says to me that I shouldn’t limit myself to only what I see. I know it’s possible to achieve more, in my instance having cancer doesn’t mean I have to sit down and be complacent.

    I can take hold of my own future and find meds that will help me live a better life, even if it means going against my doctor’s beliefs, (which are narrow minded).

    1. Thanks Maria for being open with what you’re dealing with. If you believe that what you’re doing is right for you and feel comfortable with your decision, it’s not for someone else to decide.

      Regardless of your doctor’s professional advice, individually it is down to us to make our own decisions. If you see, think and believe that what you’re doing is right for you which possibly will go against your doctor’s advice, that is your decision to make.

      At the end of the day, how we see ourselves is what matters. It’s right for you to decide and make the decision for yourself, even if goes against a professional’s advice.

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