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  1. Yes, there have been so many hurdles in my life that I have had to overcome. The biggest one seems to be how to break off from a toxic relationship and not keep repeating the same cycle, which has gotten me into trouble for most of my life.

    It has been one of the hardest things for me to do, since I was brainwashed into being a people pleaser as a child, and thanks to my mother, I have a very serious case of mommy issues.

    It’s pretty easy to diagnose the condition, but so much harder to break the chains, as I have found out over the past few years. I had a chance to be happy with a woman who was pretty much my dream girl, but ended up with narcissistic bipolar girlfriend, who has made my life a living nightmare for the past 12 years.

    People have kept asking me why I tolerate being used and abused in the way I have and I haven’t really been able to come up with any sane reason, other than that I am truly insane.

    This is something that is very embarrassing and shameful and which is the reason why so many abuse victims aren’t able to talk about it. Not many people can really understand or comprehend what it’s like.

    They tend to be very judgmental and condescending when saying things like, ‘just get out’ when it’s not quite that simple. Such a long story and one I get tired of trying to explain to the critics, but I know it is something I can overcome.

    I just have to figure out how to do in a healthy manner, rather than just sabotage my own life to make it easier for the other person.

    1. Thanks Randy. I believe you can also overcome the issues you have to face. Our lives although different are still emotionally still very similar.

      Your strength lies in your ability to move forward. The fact that you talk about your issues through my blog and you do it so well, means you are able to separate the facts.

      You have already made strides. I understand and can comprehend your experiences, I resonate with those greatly and although the next step can seem daunting, it really isn’t as daunting as you think.

      It’s more daunting staying the other side of fear, as they say. That will make us more emotionally paralysed and less free. The other side of fear is freedom, being free for the first time to make your own choices.

  2. Great quote. Our strength comes from our state of mind not our muscles.

    There is an old saying “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog.”

    1. Thanks. Yes, you’re absolutely right. Our state of mind is the difference between being ill and staying well.

      The stronger we are mentally the easier our lives will be. With the right attitude we will always stay and be positive.

  3. Strength doesn’t just appear out of nowhere, it takes experience and mental training to acquire it, then your life kind of explodes into it.

    But strength can be mighty painful if you depend solely on it to survive.

    1. Thanks Tim. You’re absolutely right. We can’t always be strong all of the time. It’s tiring. Strength tends to dip depending on what we deal with.

      I also don’t think we can solely depend on strength. We must also have stability and durability.

      We must also have a robustness, a hardiness about us to be able to keep up being strong.

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