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  1. I like this quote. It works to have a bad memory so we don’t carry all the baggage we endure.

    It reminds of a joke where an old man is sat on a park bench crying to himself, When asked what is wrong he replies that he has just won the lottery, his wife is a 25 year old blond who adores him, he has a yacht and a house in the south of France, but can’t remember where he lives!

    1. Thank you. It’s always lovely every now and again to bring a little humour into our lives. I believe this is the reason why we block things out, but put another way; our memory serves to let us down.

      I’m not sure how long before we begin to remember things. I know one or two people who do block things out and to be honest they’re no happier than those who remember certain aspects of their past.

      I believe it’s not always possible to block everything out. All of what we experience lies in our unconscious until we come to deal with those experiences.

  2. Well I seem to have developed a very bad memory, but the things I wish I could forget are still right there, so still not very happy!

    My girlfriend seems to think it’s intentional that I have selective memory, which definitely isn’t the case. I know that the most annoying part is that people do think we choose to have these issues.

    I wish it was that easy to forget certain things so I could actually be happy, which I haven’t had a lot of experience with. I’m trying to learn how to let things go that I need to, so that I can actually move on to being happy!

    1. Thanks Randy. What we see in others, is usually a reflection of us, so your girlfriend thinking you have a ‘selective memory’ is not necessarily your issue.

      Whatever we have to deal with, it’s up to our partners to be sympathetic to our needs, as we should be with theirs. I know that if you could do things in another way you would. No one chooses to be how they are, unless they don’t feel the need to change.

      But I know from your many responses on the site, you want to do things differently, but it’s not always easy to understand how we get to make those changes.

  3. Some memories drive you insane until you declare yourself sane again, and it only takes about a minute for those memories to re-surface.

    But if we had no memories to speak of, we may still be unhappy until we learn what real happiness is.

    1. Thanks Tim, yes a lot of our memories can driver us insane, particularly memories that stem from traumatic past experiences.

      The unconscious stores all our memories like a story book that’s waiting to be told, so you’re right those memories will re-surface time and again until we deal with them.

      As long as the soul is happy we are happy. Happiness comes from the soul. As long as the soul is clear of trauma we can start to build on happiness.

  4. I find this quote funny, but so true. You have to put bad memories to bed, give them up to your higher power and try your best to forget.

    1. Thanks Maria. I believe our higher power can help us work through some of those troublesome issues, but it has to be a way of life, a lifestyle choice that changes the way we think completely; putting our life back into context, so that we can bring about an understanding.

      Once we have that, our whole outlook on our past, on our present and future will change for the better.

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