A Robert T Kiyosaki quote

Something inspirational:

“It’s not what you say out of your mouth that determines your life, it’s what you whisper to yourself that has the most power!”


21 Jul, 2015

6 thoughts on “A Robert T Kiyosaki quote

  1. Yes, I agree. My inner voice literally speaks volumes and it speaks in a demanding silence. We have a special connection with our inner whispers; the conversations are unfiltered, protected and powered by something divine.

    When our adrenaline supply is plentiful we’re always saying what we don’t mean, but that voice inside of us never waivers from the truth.

    1. I agree. Thanks Tim. Yes our inner voice speaks in a whisper, often a whisper most of us fail to recognise; or understand.

      The voice inside our head is our guide. It dictates our life accurately, although many of us don’t understand how to listen out for it and what that actually means.

  2. I agree with this quote as well. We say many things to the world, but the things that are closest to our heart are the things we whisper to ourselves.

    Positive self talk and praise are sometimes hard to do. Especially if we have low self-esteem. The reinforcement of repeating things to ourselves helps make the words more believable.

    That’s why we need to be kind to ourselves; the things we say to ourselves should be positive if we dare to be happy.

    1. Your last paragraph sums up your response beautifully Maria.

      When we’re kind to ourselves, our lives fall into place. We become happier people and are nicer to be around. I couldn’t agree more. Thanks.

  3. If only life was like this quote more often. I guess if we lived on a desert island by ourselves this idyl might well be true, but in reality it is exactly what comes out of our mouths that dictates our lives, irrespective of our inner thoughts.

    If the two coincide then great, how wonderful would that be but in our relationships; we do tend to ‘filter’ our thoughts, taking into account others feelings etc.

    Certainly, we can try to be true to ourselves and our inner voice and thoughts and that is a laudable aim, but I find others have a tendency to get in the way of that!

    1. Thanks. Yes it’s not easy to do. Even if others don’t agree with our opinions, it’s so important for everyone to live side by side.

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