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  1. I remember a time when I almost ushered in my own ruin because my bravery didn’t accompany common sense. But despite my flaws, bravery is still an important trait if we’re to survive in this world today.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes I think you’re right. Bravery is one element, as is common sense, we should always apply common sense to any scenario, but I also feel we need confidence too.

      It’s a combination of factors that must be applied to life. Without confidence, we may struggle to be brave and/or apply common sense. Being brave on its own without the confidence makes being brave even harder to achieve.

      I also believe it very much depends on what we’re having to be brave for. There are different degrees of bravery.

  2. If regret is the likely outcome, then facing up to an issue must indeed be the solution.

    In the past i have certainly made excuses to avoid situations when, with a bit of bravery I could have tackled what I was avoiding. I learned to change that and now tackle what needs me to tackle.

    It’s all about feeling the fear and doing it anyway and proving to ourselves that we can do the things that worry us.

    1. Thank you. Yes I agree. The apprehension always seems worse than the deed itself. Having myself come through many issues myself I know that to be the case.

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