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  1. The outer world has a way of smashing your inner spiritual world, unless you step back and let your brain register the inner peace in you.

    My life is starving for that.

    1. Thanks Tim. Although that is true, it usually starts with our upbringing and environment. I’m not sure how much importance we put on that.

      Inner peace partly comes from our ability to shut out what’s going on in the world. But as you say we must take a step back and check in with ourselves every now and again.

      Spirituality can become a lifestyle choice that we must continue to hone in on so it becomes a way of life.

  2. Anyone who wishes to ‘wake-up’ will need to understand that the process starts with developing a positive mindset.

    Even then I don’t think that a spiritual awakening is all light and happiness, as it will probably involve accepting, and removing trapped negative emotions from the past.

    Once we allow for the release of this, Karma and positivity can be our life guides.

    1. Waking up through spirituality isn’t an easy path. It starts with both an open mind and a positive mindset.

      Once anyone decides they want to make the transition it’s easy to fathom out, but it’s a lifestyle choice that must be continued for it to work effectively.

      Being proactive, understanding and working through our experiences are the tools you’ll need to start the transition.

      As you say spirituality does involve accepting and removing trapped ‘negative emotions from the past.’

      Karma is what allows us to let go. The trick is putting our faith in karma long enough to allow it to work its magic.

      We tend to give up too early when nothing happens.

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