6 thoughts on “A Ronald Reagan quote

  1. I enjoy helping people, always have; but it’s interesting how some people’s actions contradict their alleged beliefs.

    1. Thanks Tim. Sad but true. I believe it’s a human failing.

      Yes, when it comes to actions which sometimes contradict our beliefs and for whatever reason we simply choose not to, but believe we can and should do better.

  2. I prefer to help others, than for people to help me and believe we are the best people to help ourselves.

    1. I agree with you that we are the best people to help ourselves, but even if we prefer to help others; it’s just as important that we allow others to help us also.

  3. It’s a nice quote that reminds us we should all do our part to help others. Selflessness does not always come to everyone.

    Some are too helpful so we must be vigilant that someone doesn’t take advantage of us.

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes, we all can, but as you rightly say we all don’t.

      It’s easy for others to take advantage of us; when we go out of our way to be selfless or we aim to pease. Unfortunately, growing up those were very much my own experiences.

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