2 thoughts on “A Rosa Parks quote

  1. It’s unconsciousness that prevents people from living their lives as a model for others. What you don’t know will hurt you and everybody else sometimes.

    The one thing that truly matters is missing far too often; that’s respect for ourselves.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, respect starts with us, but we don’t hold too importance to that. I’m also not sure about our respect for others.

      But it works that if we have respect for ourselves, we will have respect for others also. The more we tap into our ‘wise mind’ the more access we have to our unconscious thinking.

      But you’re right, we have no access to thoughts that lie within our unconscious and that prevents us from living our lives as a model for others. It is also the reason we emotionally hurt and why we may go on to hurt someone else.

      I believe we need to. We all must come together and be better, so that babies not yet born will have a better future.

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