A sad passing

I couldn’t let this time go by, without saying how sorry I was to hear about the passing of Cory Monteith. My thoughts go out to his family and friends at this very sad time. His memory will live on by those who loved and knew him.

15 Jul, 2013

4 thoughts on “A sad passing

  1. This is so very sad. Cory must have been a very troubled young man to have turned to drugs and alcohol so early in his life. At least he is at peace now.

  2. I never watched ‘Glee’ or really know who he is, but it’s always sad to me when people that are in the public eye die especially from drugs and alcohol (of course we don’t know if this is why he died yet).

    To be so young and involved with this type of lifestyle is very saddening. I agree with Brad, he must have been a very troubled young man to have started using at such a young age.

    So sorry for his family and friends.

    1. I believe that too Lisa. Unless we know someone well, we only get to hear what happens to them when something like this happens.

      I agree that Cory must have been very troubled considering he started this lifestyle at the age of 13. I know he will be at peace now. I hope his family can find comfort from that.

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