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  1. Change is pretty much the only constant in the universe so fighting it eventually becomes a losing battle.

    In my case, even when change would be very good for me, I have been fighting it tooth and nail, simply for not wanting to let the other person win, or as I think of it.

    The reality is that the one who has been suffering the most has been me, for what I have been missing out on just for the sake of being stubborn.

    I have had a friend remind me of exactly what it is that I’m missing out on and it’s life itself, while the other person has been enjoying theirs and going on their merry way.

    I don’t want to have to end up feeling like I’m being forced to walk away with my tail between my legs like as has happened so many times before.

    1. Thanks Randy. I expect that if you feel like this, the other person in your life will be feeling the same way. There are simply no winners, both people lose out on having the best life they can have.

      From someone who would ignore the idea of physical change, rather than tackle it, it works. I spent a lifetime emotionally distancing myself and that brought change, but spent the same amount of time avoiding physical change.

      Speaking from experience, it’s far easier being on the other side of change than never choosing change, particularly if where you are is already stressful.

      I just have to look at my writing and website to know it’s true.

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