4 thoughts on “A Saint John Chrysostom quote

  1. This is absolutely right. Studies have proven that spending money on others reported greater happiness and this pattern was found across all income levels.

    Our generosity is ‘hard-wired,’ and certainly for me giving is way better than receiving.

    1. Thanks. That’s great. Not everyone will buy into that philosophy. Just imagine how different the world would be if people gave more than they received.

      It’s not just a monitory thing, but it’s also a fact that money ‘can’t buy us happiness.’ As a child, material wealth didn’t appeal to me. It is not how the world functions.

      If anything it works the other way. The more we buy, the more we want, the more we have to have.

    2. I’ve always felt very uncomfortable around selfish people, so as soon as I notice them I socially distance myself.

      It seems that we forgot that we’re supposed to feed our starving souls by giving when possible. After all, we are one, that’s my version of the world, so many of us completely miss that.

      1. Thanks Tim. It’s my version of the world also. The more we take now, the less of a world we leave behind for newer generations, not yet born.

        Realistically would those you choose to avoid even know you were avoiding them? Do selfish people even notice they’re selfish?

        It is clear to me your moral conduct is completely in tact. The sign of a beautiful soul.

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