8 thoughts on “A Salvador Dali quote

  1. Great quote. I have always believed there is no such thing as perfection and I’m pleased Salvador agrees with me! We just have to learn to stop looking for it.

    1. Yes thank you. I don’t believe there is such a thing as perfect either. Being been born with a mild disability has allowed me to understand that more than most.

      It’s only when we have something like a disability to deal with that we come to know we aren’t perfect in that sense. The down side is that we may come to crave perfection.

      I have learned through my disability that it’s fine not being perfect, so in my world, there is no such thing as perfection. Okay will do.

  2. A perfect storm is believing that we are prefect. But there’s something about imperfection that seems so perfect to me sometimes.

    1. Thanks Tim. Absolutely! All imperfections seem perfect to me too.

      It’s only when we come to learn and accept that we are imperfect that we come to accept ourselves as we are and in my book that has to be okay.

  3. It seems like people are always seeking perfection, either within themselves or the way they live life. We can be too hard on ourselves trying to reach something that is impossible.

  4. I know there is no one that is perfect. But if we were all perfect, what a boring life this would be. The nuances of imperfection are intriguing, that’s why the world is cool like that.

    1. Thanks Maria. If we were all perfect, life would certainly be easier; we’d certainly have less to complain about.

      Life is what we make it, whether things are perfect or not. I would choose not to have perfection over perfection any time, keeping it real.

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