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  1. I agree. It is more difficult to watch what you say when you are not in a good place yourself. It’s best to keep your mouth closed, so you can sort whatever it is that is hurting.

    1. Thanks, yes I’ve been at the end of other people’s tongues for as long as I can remember and you’re right. It’s always best to say nothing, sort out whatever is causing the pain and then come back in a better and nicer person.

      I know that as a child had my issues been addressed, others wouldn’t have had to have dealt with my anger issues. As the adult now, life is very different.

      Although I had done a bit of work on myself before, from finding out and understanding more about my disability and my life, through my blogs and my site I have learned a different way to think. That doesn’t mean others aren’t responsible for where I found myself, but it has allowed me to move on.

      All too often people are on the receiving end of other people’s bitterness and that’s not right or fair.

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