4 thoughts on “A Sarah Dessen quote

  1. I agree with the sentiment but only half agree with this quote.

    While we’re not here to judge, I do feel we are here to think and with thought comes reason and that is a hugely important aspect of our relationships.

    1. Thank you. I agree with this quote.

      There are two different thought processes going on here. Whilst it’s right to have our own thoughts that bring about our own reasoning, it’s not right ‘to pass judgment through our reasoning,’ when someone isn’t asking for it.

      It’s different of course, if someone wants our opinion and allows us to make a judgement based on their thoughts. The rest of the time, we must just listen. Fallings out happen, in some cases for good, when we pass judgments on other people’s issues and lives, because we think we can and they come to disagree with our opinions.

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