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  1. It does seem like that there have been a lot of people put into my life for many different reasons and they have taught me many harsh lessons over the years.

    I need to make sense of what happened, but most of the time it didn’t make a lot of sense. This is the reason why I have come to distrust other people through having to tolerate the worst kinds of treatment.

    It has taken me most of my life to believe that I don’t deserve to be treated poorly. I understand that I deserve to be treated like a decent human being and refuse to be treated badly.

    1. You can only learn your lessons from the past Randy. I think you already know what those lessons are.

      They are the same lessons for all of us. Not to allow the experiences you know about cloud your judgment or be repeated. You also know what those experiences are.

      It doesn’t make what happened right. No one would ever condone your parents’ actions, but it should go some way to help you understand.

  2. I believe this quote. I regard all encounters as significant. It’s a matter of being still enough to listen and learn.

    But interpreting what I’ve learned takes time, sometimes a lifetime.

    1. It’s clear Tim you’re aware of being still, enough to listen and listen. Now all you have to do is listen enough to connect to your inner voice, so that you can hear what it has to say.

      It’s the little voice that’s letting you know, what’s right, what’s wrong. It’s the universal language that will release you from worry, stress and anxiety.

      I believe it, I do it.

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