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  1. That is very true. My heart has been broken more times than I care to remember, which has brought a lot of deep thoughts over the years.

    Now I wish I had have written more of them down, but I’m sure that I can remember enough of them to fill a book or two. Speaking of books, I am very grateful to receive a copy of yours, which will be inspirational and interesting.

    You have been such an amazing friend to me and have helped me get through so many difficult times. It always made my day when what you wrote about was what I happened to be dealing with at the time.

    Thanks for everything and keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks Randy for this. I can’t tell you how pleased and proud I am of you. You’ve been through so much over the years and you continue to push through.

      Writing the book I know how the book helps me. I know the book will continue to help you work through what you’ve had to deal with. Thank you for your words. Your words make what I do worthwhile.

      As I see it we help each other. It’s about being a team player and you’re that. It is all about team work and being there for each other. We have that here.

      Through your responses Randy… I am able to do what I do. Thank you.

  2. Deep quotes heighten our awareness and brings clarity. We size up our problems better. Life is way too hard without knowledge.

    My heart has been mended by quotes, especially the really deep ones.

    1. Thanks Tim. ‘My heart has been mended by quotes, especially the really deep ones.’ I love that your heart has, you’re a deep and thoughtful person who thinks deeply about things.

      I believe everyone wants help, but not everyone is ready emotionally to accept help. Affirmations and quotes can be instrumental in the healing process. but we must be open to their teachings, for them to work.

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