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  1. I think CP has been my cage of sorts. It’s a daily struggle to push myself, so I don’t remain trapped in it. But because of CP I have a different perspective of life.

    It has allowed me not to worry about frivolous things and focus on what’s truly important. For example, on the people I care about and to be kind, empathic toward other people. It also taught me to be creative in doing things, when I am not able to do them in the same way like everyone else.

    Overall, it has taught me to be appreciative of the simple things in life.

    1. Thanks Maria. I agree and think you’re right, having something like Cerebral Palsy helps us to see life through a different coloured lens, so that we focus on what’s important.

      But I am also aware that having something like Cerebral Palsy can make others bitter that they have something like that to deal with. Like you, I’ve always had this perspective on life.

      Your response and confirmation of how you are re-affirms what I have always thought about me too and now I know.

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