8 thoughts on “A Sherlock Holmes quote

  1. Seeing that Shelock Holmes was an investigator I can see why he said this. Any little minute detail that you may think is insignificant, becomes a big part of the solution to a problem.

    That’s why investigators dig deep on a case because they know every piece of evidence is crucial. As they say, the devils in the details!

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes, I’m sure that if we applied these principles to every day life and circumstances, we wouldn’t go far wrong.

      We go wrong because we don’t know enough and still think we know.

  2. Most of the time people overlook the beauty and importance of small things. They instead focus on superficial/grandeur stuff.

    Small things can give us much joy if only we are humble enough to see them.

  3. I really appreciate this quote. Imagine coming full circle with your life without experiencing the fullness of it. It’s the smaller things that help us confront our own blindness; we begin to see things we never saw before.

    The little things were the elements that were missing in my life and I saw that when my mother became ill.

    1. Thanks Tim. It’s often only when a loved one becomes ill that we begin to see our own mortality and begin to understand the little things.

      Unconsciously we’re aware about the little things. It’s a shame the majority of us will only come to see this when we are threatened with losing a loved one.

  4. Nice quote. It’s the little things that make the whole and in that way nothing is little, everything is significant.

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