6 thoughts on “A Simone Biles quote

  1. I agree with very mature quotes from someone so young.

    If we never takes chances now, we can live with regret of something that could have been. Better to learn from a mistake than to wonder what if…

    1. Yes, ‘what ifs’ blight our lives because we know we should and could have done things differently.

      I’d be saying that if I had have talked myself out of the Diary, because it seemed scary. I think sometimes our fear is greater than our expectation and that is what lets us down.

      But you’re right, it is better to ‘have a go’ make a mistake and know we at least tried. Too many of us spend a lifetime wishing we’d done things differently.

      As my mum wisely once said, ‘you get one crack at life.’ Talk yourself out of things and you’ll have too many ‘what ifs’ to contend with.

      And what’s the worst that can happen? You walk away from something your start, or you start again. Those options have to be better than ‘what if…’

  2. This is why I’m not afraid of failure, except when I fail to try.

    Of course, some things are just not worth the effort.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, I think when we get to that stage, we’ve already summised what those things not worth the effort are, and that’s fine.

      But what we mustn’t do is walk away and look back on the ‘what ifs.’ We must simply walk away and be okay with our decisions on walking away.

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