A Sonya Parker quote

Something inspirational:

“STOP spending all of your time and energy on people that don’t care about you and START using your time to better yourself and your own life.”


29 Nov, 2020

4 thoughts on “A Sonya Parker quote

  1. Our lives are bound for sadness if we partner with people who don’t have our best interests at heart. Our lives are way too important for that.

    This quote should be inspiring to anyone who reads it, it certainly was for me.

    1. Tim, I chose this particular quote, because hand on heart, I think many of us have been here and continue to be here with the people in our lives.

      Whether that is with family, friends, work colleagues, the world wouldn’t be in such dire straits if we were getting our relationships, or friendships right.

      The pandemic is teaching us just how divided we really are. When it comes to our relationships, it has become even more important that we choose wisely and keep those people close, who really do have our backs.

    2. Yes Ilana, this pandemic is the perfect storm for these times. It has exposed fragile relationships and unveiled the faces of hostile strangers and also friends. The truth sure falls slowly.

      Another wave of this virus promises to show us more. But for some odd reason I am grateful that I now see what used to be invisible to me.

      1. Thank Tim. Your response has preempted today’s blog. Yes, Covid is a storm that did or did not have to happen, but even if it had to happen, we’re fueling it by ignoring the rules.

        With our ‘it won’t happen to me attitudes’ we’re setting ourselves up to fail. I think being able to see what used to be invisible is a help, particularly because it’s showing us exactly what we need to see.

        My ‘Covid, time for change’ blog explains more.

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