10 thoughts on “A Stephanie Klein quote

  1. I always tell the truth, because the truth always comes out in the end. Then if you lied, you look like as ass; so to avoid looking like an ass, tell the truth.

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes the truth always comes out in the end; that’s absolutely true and it’s usually when we think we’ve got away with it and when we least expect it.

      I think it becomes fairly obvious to others when we don’t tell the truth and I agree with you, we do tend to look like an ass.

  2. Lies help to ensure that ignorance remain pervasive in this world and our power structures are relentless in its efforts to keep it that way.

    If the truth doesn’t catch up with you, the lie will.

  3. As difficult as it can be, it’s best if we tell our own truth and deal with people’s reactions to it.

    If others tell it for us, they might make us look worse than we actually are.

    1. Thanks Maria. Your first sentence resonates with me. Like you I believe it’s always the best policy to tell our own truth regardless, even if we do get a reaction from other people.

      If someone was going to react they would react anyway; that is my experience.

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