6 thoughts on “A story to tell

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yes Jesse’s story is inspirational.

      As long as we feel confident to tackle things in our life even with a disability, it may not always be the disability that holds us back, it’s the mindset we have because of our disability and the restrictions placed upon us from society as a whole.

      As Jesse has proved we can overcome disability with the right attitude and positive input from family.

  1. Very interesting. I’ll have to try reading more of it when I get my new glasses!

    Thanks for sharing this inspirational story. It just reminds me that anything is possible if you try hard enough!

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes Jesse’s story is inspirational. I agree with you that if we try hard enough anything is possible.

    1. Jesse’s attitude to what he deals with is very inspirational and that makes his story inspirational.

      It’s not easy living with CP but somehow he makes that easy.

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