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  1. I agree. Nothing about wrong is acceptable, but sometimes it’s better to hide in the woods and let nature hand out justice.

    But if wrong becomes normalized, we must stand up and challenge it with everything we have.

    1. Thanks Tim, yes particularly if we go against someone or something. To get something wrong is fine, but to continue to go down a path that will bring others down, is not only a moral issue, but doesn’t say much about us as a person.

      I also believe we must challenge wrong doing, no matter how small. After a while everything becomes normalised, particularly if we believe, or do it for long enough.

  2. We weren’t allowed to as children, so it’s no wonder I wasn’t able to as an adult. My parents were the ones committing the wrong, so what are you supposed to do in that situation?

    They made it abundantly clear that if we spoke to anybody about what was going on, we would end up in foster care and they would split us up. My parents gave the impression that we weren’t supposed to fight back, since they never did.

    We were just supposed to take the pain like they did, when other kids made fun of us, because we were looked down upon as poor white trash. My parents never really seemed to notice or care, which was a very sad world to live in.

    This was exactly why I felt it so impossible to do the right thing, like when I should have fought for custody of my daughter but didn’t. This was why I have been in so many dysfunctional and toxic relationships, because I didn’t think I could fight for anything better.

    I really was a fighter at one time, but then my mom did something that broke my spirit and she finally won. I lost sight of what was right and wrong and only recently have begun to remember what it was like to fight for my own freedom.

    I don’t have to just take the pain anymore. I don’t have to give up my hopes, dreams and desires just to make others happy when they never were, no matter what I did.

    I’m sure it’s going to be a very uncomfortable and unpleasant war, but I do have the option of finally doing the right thing for me, for once in my life.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes changing anything is uncomfortable, particularly when we move out of our comfort zone to do it and it involves other people, but it’s a war that if not tackled will eventually become our own internal personal battle.

      Your parents didn’t do what was right for you and what they did clearly left its mark on you; but you’re right, you don’t have to give up your hopes or dreams now. Do what’s right for you, even if its wrong for others.

      It’s quite liberating to stand up for what’s right even if it means losing others in the process. The irony is that if the support was there and we all did what was right, we wouldn’t have to lose anyone.

  3. I always fight for what’s right, especially if an injustice is involved. Certain people don’t care who they hurt and if it’s possible I will help a friend out to fix this situation. It happens a lot with the elderly, family that don’t have time to help their loved one.

    I’ll be their advocate to make sure they get their care, especially when it comes to getting medications that they need to be healthy.

    1. Thanks Maria. You’re absolutely right to, but it’s not always easy because of others’ opinions and getting caught up in the crossfire. It’s also difficult in family situations, particularly where siblings are concerned.

      All we can do is give of our best in the hope that we can make a difference, where we need to. I find it particularly hard where defenceless animals are concerned.

  4. I agree, wrong is wrong no matter what form it takes and we have a responsibility to right that wrong. History has taught us many bitter lessons when we turn a blind eye.

    1. Thanks. Yes, not just through history of course, in our present day lives too.

      I believe we need to conform to our own standards, as long as those standards are right and we have learned right from wrong. Unfortunately, people conform for conforms sake and to seek approval from others.

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