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  1. I’m having to work on shifting my perspective under the current circumstances, as I could get into some very dark places in my mind if I let it.

    People are having a hard time with things like social distancing, but I think it’s great, because I don’t like people standing that close to me as I have boundary issues.

    I’m sure that’s why it’s a lot easier me going through these times as I have been mostly living an isolated life. My entire childhood was like something out of an apocalyptic movie so it’s no wonder it doesn’t faze me.

    I tend to have to learn how to live a ‘normal’ life that so many people take for granted.

    1. If you believe in spirituality Randy, you will know that one of the reasons we have the virus is for us to individually take stock and for us to change our lives.

      The cosmos and being spiritual plays a big part. It is not enough for us to just live and continue to live our lives, pre-virus. That hasn’t and isn’t working, we must come through changed people. You’ll find what works for you.

      I get that you’re trying to find a ‘normal’ that’s more normal for you, given your childhood. After a while you trying to live a ‘normal’ life will become the norm.

      I feel there are lots of emotional and spiritual blogs on my website that will help you through these difficult times.

  2. Yes, it is through spiritual practices that we find understanding and through our understanding we are able to change our perceptions.

    1. Thanks. Yes, I agree, I think if more of us were spiritual our world would be different. We’d certainly have more understanding empathy, compassion, patience and tolerance.

      We would also be less fixated on things and would be more flexible and open minded about things and finding ways through.

      We desperately need to be more open minded. We’re too closed off.

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