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“They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but it’s not one half so as a lot of ignorance.”


14 Mar, 2015

8 thoughts on “A Terry Pratchett quote

  1. This quote reminds me of what I have to deal with people because of my disability. I have come across people that seem to think they know what I have to deal with while living with CP.

    It reminds me of this time when a young man with a broken ankle using crutches told me “I know how you feel.” I thought to myself he has no idea. His condition was temporary unlike my CP, which is a condition I will have for the rest of my life.

    I have encountered plenty of ignorance, too. It’s tiring having people always assuming what I can and can’t manage.

    1. Thanks Maria. I agree with you. Until we walk a mile in another person’s shoes, we won’t know what that person goes through. In those circumstances and someone says that I believe people will always come from a place of ignorance.

      Unless we deal with what someone else deals with, we never really know, you’re right.

  2. Everyone is knowledgeable about something and everyone is ignorant about something too. But I’d rather be in the company of a knowledgeable person who is ignorant about some things, as opposed to someone who is just plain ignorant.

    It’s six of one, and a half dozen of the other; they’re both pretty much the same and they both can be very dangerous.

    1. Thanks Tim. I would also choose to do the same and agree.

      I would just add that from my own experience, coming in from a place of ignorance can be a lot more dangerous than coming in from a having acquired a little knowledge. I believe anyone with a little knowledge will always have the scope and tools to see the bigger picture; have the ability to find compromise and middle ground.

      When we come from a place of ignorance, we argue without knowing, having or understanding the facts to mediate with and that’s when it becomes dangerous.

  3. I think Tim is right. We spend our lives in the company of many people who exhibit both a lack of knowledge and are ignorant.

    The key is knowing where the boundaries lie, but both can be difficult to deal with.

    1. Thank you, yes you’re absolutely right. I am sure through our many experiences, the majority of us will get better at working those boundaries out. It’s often a time and experience thing.

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