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  1. This is very true and a sign of an enlightened individual. Unfortunately, we see little tolerance in these dark times as we seem to be moving ever closer to the point of no return.

    1. Thanks. Absolutely, my sentiments too. But they are very few and far between as your response has intimated.

      And until humanity sorts itself out, there will be more dark times to come.

  2. Tolerance is one thing that’s in short supply. Most of the troubles in the world stem from one country thinking they’re better than another, which explains why so many wars are going on.

    The problem is that even though we may look different or act different, we still all bleed the same color, which makes us all human.

    If we don’t start working together very soon, chances are there won’t be anything left to fight over by the end of the century, as they said on the evening news and I have to believe it.

    Sadly, I know I won’t be around to see it, but it would be nice to know that the world will still exist once I’m gone.

    1. Thanks Randy. I agree with you that tolerance is in very short supply. I hope you’re going to be around for many years Randy.

      I believe we’re not quite there yet and can turn all of this around, starting with more tolerance; a better attitude, more compassion and more empathy.

      We must learn to be less opinionated and judgmental. We also need to be more mindful and less self-absorbed and put and think about others.

      That doesn’t mean we think about ourselves less, it just means that as we think about ourselves we make time to think about and also help others.

      The universe can’t help us when we’re tearing ourselves apart.

  3. Too much has happened very quickly since racist received a wink and a nod from our politicians, with smiles on their lips. They’ve made intolerance fashionable to those who think their skin tone is somehow ordained by God.

    Of course, most of us don’t see the world through primitive lenses, we know the value of including people of all strips, sexual orientation and people with disabilities; thank goodness for that!

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, there is a small minority that spoil it for the rest of us who ‘know the value of including people of all strips, sexual orientation and people with disabilities.’

      But as you say most of us don’t see the world through primitive lens. For those who do, I hope they will begin to see life in the way we see life and set new examples of how they can live their lives.

      Whilst we are all responsible for ourselves, our governments are setting their own examples, but they must set a higher example.

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