4 thoughts on “A Tony Robbins quote

  1. This quote pretty much sums up everything I believe we all should aim to be, as good a person as possible.

    Perfection doesn’t exist, but we can all strive to exhibit those essential qualities of kindness, respect and compassion that define us as a race, if we choose to.

    Unfortunately many choose not to and that is what makes the human condition ‘inevitably tragic.’

    1. Thanks. Yes, I agree. ‘Unfortunately many choose not to and that is what makes the human condition, ‘inevitably tragic.’

      But we can all change and must if we are to change society and our relationships.

  2. It’s an opinion on my part that I am an excellent human being, but I’m way far from perfect; I intend to always be straight about that.

    1. I can resonate Tim. It would be lovely for others to tell us we’re excellent, but sadly they don’t so we must do it for ourselves.

      I personally don’t believe in perfection. It’s not easily achievable. But perhaps we don’t need to be. We just need to do and give of our best and know that when it’s time we have no regrets.

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