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  1. I both agree and disagree with this quote if that’s possible! I like not to have any impact but to go about my business in a quiet, unassuming manner.

    I quite like to be anonymous as that way I find most peace. On the other hand I will have an impact where and when I feel it is necessary to do so.

    1. If having an impact means not having a quiet life I can understand your reluctance in not wanting to make an impact. Sometimes it’s easier that way.

      When we’re no longer here, it’s lovely to think that having made an impact on others in a positive way has more than made a difference to them and us.

  2. I agree with this quote. We’re supposed to help others in someway and by doing so we make an impact on others.

    When we’re not around anymore people will notice. My mother made an impact on me by the way she helped others. She was always doing something for others even if it was just crocheting them a scarf.

    She tried to make sure everybody was happy. That’s one of the reasons I’m going back to school. I want to help people more than I’ve ben able to with my current occupation.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I believe people do notice, but primarily for the wrong reasons.

      I believe that if we’ve made a good impact people will think and take away good thoughts of us, but when we make a negative impact on people, those people will always remember and even talk about us negatively, even when we’re long gone. Psychologically I believe all impacts whether they’re good or bad do make a difference, whether we realise or not.

      I am sure you going back to school will also help to make a difference Lisa.

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