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  1. I appreciate this quote. When I think about my past experiences with certain people, it brings back some of my worst memories. But I try to wipe those memories away, without violating my conscience and not forgetting lessons learned along the way.

    But sometimes we find ourselves hopelessly in love with the wrong things and the wrong people; and our memories tell us when it’s way too late.

    1. It’s a difficult one, but couldn’t agree more.

      I think sometimes our memories plays tricks, so we remember the good things, as if the bad didn’t exist, but if we have out wits about us, we will remember those memories in the way those memories played out at the time.

      With me there is no grey area. I remember things as they were that I would rather not have to remember. Life and people will always teach us what we need to know and in that way we will learn everything we need to know.

      We also learn our lessons from those people who fall from grace, but those lessons are more instrumental, because they show us how not to live our lives.

      Those lessons are more valuable, but harder for us and teach us which people we should have in our lives.

  2. I like this quote. It is a salutary reminder that we should choose our relationships wisely.

    I couldn’t agree more. As time goes by, all that we are really left with and all that really matters are our memories, so let’s try and make them memories worth having.

    1. Thanks yes I too couldn’t agree more. I think it imperative we choose our relationships wisely, you’re right; but unfortunately most of us don’t. We tend to copy what’s gone before us, what we’ve seen and what is familiar to us.

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