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  1. I like this quote. I am fed up with the media feeding us photoshopped images of stick thin models, who look they are on coke.

    Our bodies come in all shapes and sizes and should be embraced. What is important is we eat healthily and exercise and not have some unrealistic pre-conceived idea fed to us about how we should look.

    1. This wasn’t so much a thing when I was growing up, but it has been going on for some years now. I love how Venus Williams sees herself. We need more people like Venus to help change how young people see themselves.

      Yes, the media I feel are also to blame. There is too much emphasis in society on how we look, rather than how we are as individuals, or how we behave, particularly with each other.

      Then there are some consultants who do enhancement procedures. They must continue to discourage young people from wanting to change how they look. Cosmetic surgery should be set aside only for those who need it, like disfigurement.

      Celebrities need to do their bit also. They seem to have normalised the importance of body image.

  2. I tend to see folks from the inside out, so I can be really prepared for the truth.

    You’d be surprised at what you’ll find buried under makeup.

    1. Thanks Tim. It’s I agree and to be honest, it’s the only way you can really know someone. Yes, when we see folk from the inside out we get to see their soul, get to know their inner most thoughts, the truth.

      But we may also get to see a side to them that we’re not always comfortable with, particularly if we didn’t see it coming. No matter what someone has to say, it’s important we are prepared to hear and work with the truth.

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