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  1. I agree. It’s our mistakes that make life’s experiences that makes the scars and without those, no lessons can be learned.

  2. Not everyone walks away with scars; some take that knowledge and can use it to better themselves and those around them by giving good advice.

    It’s how we react to the situation that counts. You can let it take you down, or thrive from it.

    1. I think you’ve made a wise point, thanks Maria.

      When we can turn what would be scars if we left them into positive scenarios, those would be scars are not scars, but an opportunity for us to learn and thrive from them.

      There is little point in not doing anything, living with scars and then complaining about them. As you rightly say, ‘you can let it take you down, or you can thrive from it.’

  3. I guess after a while we grow accustomed to bad situations. We learn how to deal with them better.

    They will probably still cause us pain, but not as much.

    1. Thanks Maria, yes you’re right. We tend to go through phases where everything goes wrong and we can’t see the wood from the trees!

      I’m not sure whether I grow accustomed to bad situations, or I just can’t do anything about them, so I am resigned. I’ve had that many over my lifetime, but through other people’s struggle will sometimes struggle to cope. If I’m left to my own devices, because I’m so positive, I cope very well.

      I agree that the more stress from bad situations, we have to deal with, the better we will cope.

  4. Scar tissue and calluses are evidence of having survived circumstances in our lives; and life is not a place where anyone leaves unscathed.

    If I imagined what wisdom looks like I’d probably see unsightly scars upon its image.

    1. Thanks Tim. Unfortunately there’s no getting way from scars. As you rightly say they are evidence of having survived circumstances in our lives. I’m not sure any of us come through unscathed either.

      Until we have and understand how to bring about wisdom, I suppose we will always see scars first. It’s the way we learn.

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