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  1. The best things in life you can give and receive is a piece of your heart wrapped with a smile.

    It doesn’t take much to make people happy, speak from the heart and be true to yourself and others. Invaluable lessons are always remembered; hopefully you can do the same for others.

  2. I’ve been touched in both negative and positive ways throughout my life and I remember in heartbreaking detail all of it. I see fingerprints from my experiences as stains and residue from having experienced seasons and chapters successfully, but not unscathed.

    At the end of the day, fingerprints are records of facts and events from which we may be judged. This is why I’m fully aware of how I touch others and how I erect my legacy.

    1. Thanks Tim. Ditto on your response. I feel the same way. I would just add though, that where ‘fingerprints are records of facts and events from which we may be judged… we are judged by our actions, which the universe will right.

      Although the universe isn’t there to catch us out, the Universe is there to put right what we do wrong, particularly where we wrong other people.

  3. If we had this quote in our minds when we speak or when we act, perhaps we would be kinder to people and not be such a selfish race.

    After all we should treat others how we would like them to treat us.

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