4 thoughts on “A William Blake quote

  1. It’s impossible to soar if I’m held prisoner by my reality. But if I spread my wings beyond my own captivity, my possibilities are endless.

    1. Thank Tim. Yes, you’re right it is. Sadly, we continually hold ourselves prisoners through our realities and what we get to deal with. We don’t tend to think about our lives in that way.

      But as you say,’we must spread our wings beyond our own captivity.’ It’s the only way to move beyond our realities. Thinking outside the box, finding ways through some of our issues and what is happening in our present lives.

  2. To me this means as long as man strives on his own, his ability and courage are his only limitation, so we must reach for the stars.

    1. Yes, we dictate the rules. We can either hold ourselves back, or we can decide to move forward.

      I chose to reach for the stars with my website and I’m pleased to say I’m almost there.

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